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David P. Ward



David P. Ward is a Director with the National Association of Former Border Patrol Agents, an organization of former Border Patrol Supervisors and Managers, which advocates secure borders and interior immigration enforcement. David has over 33 years field experience with the US Department of Homeland Security and US Border Patrol, as an agent and field manager of enforcement operations. His experience is unique in that it covers both Border Security issues and Interior Enforcement.

David is considered a Subject Matter Expert and has been featured on local and national media broadcasts, in addition to live audience conferences and seminars regarding Border Security and Immigration Enforcement.

Sample Program Titles:

  • Do We Build a Wall?

  • Motivating Factors for Illegal Immigration

  • Sanctuary Cities, Refuge for Criminals

  • Illegal Immigration, Clear and Present Danger

  • Border Security…Not So Secure

  • Breach of Sovereignty

Mission Statement

It is my goal to educate the citizens of this country of the dire consequences of uncontrolled migration into the United States and how they can make needed changes by holding their elected officials accountable.


Consulting Services

David is available to provide consulting services to PACs and Organizations dedicated to Border and
National Security.

Contact Information:

David P. Ward
Phone: (610) 858-3691

E-Mail address:

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